Painting in the digital era

Painting, the act of pure Contingency.

As a painter, I recall the intense anxiety felt when facing a blank canvas: the fear of failure, to start wisely and the impossibility to preview the final result. The emotion of creation, a dense probability mist that one can not explain until we take the risk of first choices.

Contingency(*) is what separates this endeavor from the frigid instantaneous click of the camera. True performance starts when we apply the first "brush strokes" to the original photo and execute a plethora of sophisticated digital techniques to guide our steps to paths never wondered.

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Notes on exhibition by Joseph Beuys. Edinburgh
Sketches: Botanical Park, Edinburgh
Sketches: National Museum of Museum of Scotland
Pianitude, an adventure in progress
The New Figuration
The Principle of identity

(*) Contingency: The possibility to be but with no certainty

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